Club Bylaws REVISED 2021

Name The East Fork Lake RC Club (EFLRCC) is a non-profit 501(c)(7) organization. The former name was Loveland Propbusters RC Club. It was changed by a vote of the members in March 2021 to more accurately represent the location of the club.
Jurisdiction EFLRCC operates under the jurisdiction of:
 • The IRS as a 501(c)(7) organization
 • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
 • The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
 • The US Army Corps of Engineers
Purpose The purpose of the club is to promote Fun, Fellowship, and Hospitality among members, guests, and the greater community around the radio control hobby.
Location EFLRCC operates on land owned by the US Corps of Engineers at East Fork State Park, Ohio.
Members and guests shall be respectful of the land, the wildlife, and other users of the park.
Membership Dues: Annual membership dues shall be reviewed and set by the officers and voted by the club membership. Membership dues shall be paid on January 1st of each year. New members joining on or after September 1st shall have their membership extended through the following year. The current dues are:

 • Adult Membership 21-64 years = $75
 • Senior Membership 65 years or older = $55
 • Junior Membership 17-20 years = $35
 • Youth Membership 16 years or under = Free
 • Family Membership $100

Dues-paying members 21 or over shall have voting privileges and shall be entitled to one vote.

AMA: Because this club is an AMA certified club, all flying members are required to be a current member of the AMA. AMA membership shall be certified by presenting a copy of current year AMA membership card to the club Treasurer upon payment of dues. Club members who do not maintain their AMA membership will forfeit their flying privileges with the club.

FAA: The club operates as a community-based organization, operating as an FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA). Members are expected to register with the FAA.
Meetings Meetings are held as needed, either virtually or in-person.
Votes by the membership may be taken virtually or in-person.
Officers Election of club officials will be held at the end of the year for the next year. Nominations and elections for these offices will be held within the month October. Duties of the officers are as follows.

 • Work with the officers to ensure the club has the resources to maintain the facility.
 • Lead communication with the entire member pool.
 • Lead all meetings (virtual or in-person) and provide agendas for meetings.
 • Communicate the upcoming meeting and event dates.
 • Schedule appearances to promotion the club and the hobby, encouraging new members to join the club, education of members regarding rules, regulations, and news regarding the hobby.

Vice President:
 • Support the president in the execution of any tasks that needs to be completed to further the club in a positive direction.
 • Lead all meetings and events that the president is unable to attend.
 • Help the President with fund-raising and promotion of the club.
 • Assist any of the officers with execution of their duties.

 • Oversee the club’s financial administration according to 501(c)(7) rules.
 • Review Financial Policies and Procedures.
 • Generate Financial Reports.
 • Create a Budget.
 • Advise the officers on financial strategy and fundraising.

 • Keep minutes of meetings and make sure meetings are on task.
 • Assures that meetings are held in a well-organized fashion.
 • Ensure that the members of the club are given appropriate notice of meetings.

Safety Officer:
 • Responsible for setting safety standards and procedures.
 • Responsible for inspection of runway, cages, and table area.
 • Establish procedures for correcting any issues found.

Event Coordinator:
 • Makes arrangements for all club activities, including annual banquet, community events, meetings, open houses, and flying events.
 • Develops agenda for events and determines event activities.
 • Guides the club on appropriate venues for events, meetings, etc.
 • Helps the club create and manage a budget for each activity.
Grievances By notification to the President, any member may request a meeting with the officers to discuss any grievance. At least four officers must support any necessary corrective action.
Funds Any transaction committing club funds of Three Hundred Fifty Dollars ($350) or less requires the approval of the Treasurer and at least two other officers. Any commitment above Three Hundred Fifty Dollars ($350) requires the approval of a majority of the club members present at a meeting.