About Us A Brief History of The EFLRCC

The East Fork Lake RC club (Originally called the Loveland Propbusters. See more club history here.) was founded in the early 1960's by a group of aviation enthusiasts, some of which were also licensed pilots. The club first flew off of an American Legion Post property in Loveland Ohio, and after vacating that site, moved to a sod farm, also in the Loveland area.

The club eventually left that location and flew with a club in Georgetown Ohio, while searching for a new flying field. In 1987, the current site, located in the spillway of East Fork Lake, was secured through a relationship with the Army Corps of Engineers. We currently have a 30' x 300' paved runway with grass approaches on both ends, along with an adjacent grass runway. Our overfly area is one of the clearest and largest in the country.

We are an AMA chartered club and follow their guidelines. During the flying season, we have events such as combat, glider, Fun-Fly, etc.

For additional information, please contact the club directly or stop by our field.

Blue Skies!